The debug overlay

The debug overlay is a new feature that allows you to do better debugging. Enable it by setting self.debugoverlay to true in htme_config.

F12: Toggle overlay

F12 will show and hide the overlay when it’s enabled.

F1: All instances

Shows a list of all instances and the variable groups for local instances.

For the first 10 instances in the list, press SHIFT + the shown number to access instance details.

Instance details

Variable Descripti on
Hash The id of the instance as stored by the engine
isVisible Whether or not this is a visible instance
isNotCach ed True if this instance is in the same room (server only; clients will only show instances in the same room)
Persisten t See Instance scrope and rooms
stayAlive See Instance scrope and rooms
Instance ID The local id of the instance, assgined by GameMaker . If cached the instance will not actually exist, and therefor the instance will have no id
Object Name of the object of this instance
Player Number and hash of the player this instance belongs to
Saved variables All variables as synced by the engine
Vargroups Details of all `variable groups <c oncepts/v argroups> `__

F2: Visible instances

Same as F1 but filters by showing only visible instances

F3: Players

Shows a list of all players, including their player number and their hash. Also shows who is the local player and who runs the server.

Press SHIFT + number shown to show all instances of one player. If you are the server, press STRG + number to kick a player.

F4: Invisible instances

Same as F1 but filters by showing only invisible instances

F5: Instances in cache

Same as F1 but showing only cached instances (instances in same room; This list is always empty for clients).

F6: Global sync

Shows all variables in the global sync pool.

F7: CHAT Interface Channels

Lists all CHAT Interface channels and how many messages haven’t been processed (read) and what the content of the most recent unread message is.

F8: Signed packets sent

Shows details about all signed packets that are not yet recieved by the clients/server.

F9: Signed packets inbox

Shows details about all signed packets that have been sent to the clients/server.

F10: Maps and Lists

Shows a count of all ds_lists and ds_maps. If the numbers just increase it may be a memory leak somewhere.

F11: Disconnect - Client only

Disconnect from the server. This will tell the server to kick us and then kill the engine.

Check if overlay is enabled

htme_debugOverlayEnabled will return true when the overlay is enabled. Use this to draw your own debug stuff when the overlay is active.