Delta time and room_speed

The engine can use room_speed (default) or delta time.


The engine is set to use room_speed as the default timer count. You use it when you sync objects:


In htme_config:

self.udphp_rctintv = 3*60*room_speed;
self.global_timeout = 5*room_speed;
self.lan_interval = 15*room_speed;

Room speed is simple to use, understand and works most of the time.

room_speed limits

Game Lag

If your game experience lag the room halt and so do the room speed count. Lets say that you are connected to a server and your game lag for 3 seconds. Note that the global_timeout is set to 5*room_speed = 5 seconds. You and the server got each a counter running. And these counters is not synchronized. Server counter can be on 3 and yours on 1. This means that your game will disconnect if the server don’t respond within 5 seconds. But it also means that the server will kick you if you don’t send anything within 5 seconds. The server got his eyes on his watch and if your lag is on his 3 second count you will be kicked. Because 3+3 lag=6 seconds.

Different room speeds

Another issue is that your game must have the same room speed in all rooms. Because if you are in a room with speed 30. And the server is in a room with speed 60. Every second for you is 2 seconds for the server. So you will be kicked. Because 3*2=6. So after 3 seconds on your counter the server will be on 6 and kick you.

Delta time

Delta time can compensate for lag and different room speed. Because it counts real seconds. If your game lag for 3 seconds. The counter is still counting.

Delta time setup

You need to setup the engine to use delta time. This means that all timers must be changed to real seconds. When using room speed you set:


But you need to change it to:


This set the time to 5 seconds. Note: Sometimes you set the time just to 3 to update the position every 3 steps. But if you activate delta time this means 3 seconds now. So say your room speed is 30 you must change it to 0.1. Because 3 steps in a room with room_speed 30 is 0.1 seconds.

But we need to set this up. First go to the script ``htme_config``and set:


You also need to remove all the room_speed in htme_config.

self.udphp_rctintv = 3*60;
self.global_timeout = 5;
self.lan_interval = 15;

And go throught all your synced object and remove the room_speed.