Detailed information in `Tutorial - Bonus 1 - An ONLINE lobby <tutorial/13_lobby>`__.

Download the list of servers from the master server.

global.udphp_downloadlist_refreshing will be set true. It will be set false again if download is finished and global.udphp_downloadlist will contain a list of online servers then. If download fails, global.udphp_downloadlist_refreshing will never reset. It will fail, if the master server has the lobby disabled or is not reachable.

Use the (optional) arguments to sort and filter the list. Default sorting can be seen below under arguments.

Format of global.udphp_downloadlist:

 [0...] => ds_map:
           [ip]    => string
           [data1] => string
           [data2] => string
           [data3] => string
           [data4] => string
           [data5] => string
           [data6] => string
           [data7] => string
           [data8] => string
           [createdTime] => string -> can be converted to real
                            unix timestamp, time the server was created.


Name type description
[limi t] strin g/rea l The number of servers to return or EMPTY STRING if ALL servers should be returned (optional)
[sort by] strin g Field to sort the result by, this can be: date (filter by time created; DEFAULT), data1, data2, data3, data4, data5, data6, data7, data8 (optional)
[sort by_d ir] strin g Sort ascending (“ASC”) or descending (“DESC”; DEFAULT) (optional)
[filt er_d ata1] strin g Only list servers that match this excact string for their first data string (the game name). Can be EMPTY STRING if you don’t want to filter (optional)
[filt er_d ata2] strin g See above; but for second data string (optional)
[filt er_d ata3] strin g See above... (optional)
[filt er_d ata4] strin g See above... (optional)
[filt er_d ata5] strin g See above... (optional)
[filt er_d ata6] strin g See above... (optional)
[filt er_d ata7] strin g See above... (optional)
[filt er_d ata8] strin g See above... (optional)