14. Conclusion / What’s next

You now learned everything there is to know.

Multiplayer with GMnet ENGINE might be a little bit different that what you are used to, but once you got the hang of it, the possibilites are endless.

Try extending the demo project we just created with some features.
Why not start with our challenge? Fix the player overlay and the chat to display the name of the players corectly, no matter what room they are in.

Play around with the engine for a bit, and eventually you will master it!

If you have any questions, find bugs or have feature suggestions, follow the instructions in the Support section.

If you want to learn even more advanced trics, like sending your own custom packets, check out the “Extending the Engine / Advanced Use” section.

Have fun creating awesome multiplayer games! And if you do, don’t forget to tell us, we really want to see, what you can come up with.

PS: If you are stuck with our challenge here’s a solution (encrypted with Caesar algorithm, shifted 1 letter in the alphabet up):

Dsfbuf b ofx pckfdu uibu tupsft uif obnf pg uif qmbzfst, jotufbe pg iunf_pck_qmbzfs. Nblf ju qfstjtufou boe tubzBmjwf, tp ju bmxbzt fyjtut. Jo uif qmbzfsmjtu boe uif dibu, mppq pwfs ju jotufbe. Bmufsobujwfmz zpv dbo bmtp tupsf uif obnf pg uif qmbzfst jo uif dibu pckfdut.